Welcome to the secret lair of Scotty Reifsnyder and Visual Adventurer Lord Rutherford B. Crumphouse III pen-wielding crusader of the Pennsylvania night. Allow me to introduce themselves.

With an MFA in Graphic & Interactive Design from Tyler School of Art, Scotty brings centuries of experience to his clients under the pan-dimensional guidance of his alter ego Lord Rutherford B. Crumphouse III, his long lost mentor seen here hanging above the mantlepiece. You can learn more about Lord Crumphouse III at his blog where he reveal some of the secrets of his creative processes. Under the painting’s ghostly tutelage, Scotty’s work has brought fame and good fortune to such clients as Chronicle Books, Disney/Pixar, GQ, Time Magazine, The Boston Globe, The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Wired. He has received accolades for his creative sorties from Communication Arts, American Illustration and Print Magazine.

By day Scotty is a mild mannered illustration and design instructor at the University of Pennsylvania but by night he becomes Lord Crumphouse III. When Lord Crumphouse III isn’t crafting skull-melting illustrations and design, he can be found cracking government codes, beating physics, talking to red masks, restoring vintage time machines, and poring over blueprints for an aircraft that flies using only vegetable oil, banana peels, and several thousand gallons of rocket-fuel. For all inquiries see Scotty as Lord Crumphouse III detests all modern communication devices.